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You can set up your Growlee account for your Instagram account in just 2 minutes. It's a piece of cake!

  • Add your Instagram Account

    Enter your credentials. Your account is protected by Growlee's secure envirenment with SSL secure.
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  • Your Target Hashtags Added Automatically

    We look at your recent 100 photos and find the hashtags, locations, and accounts as your target.
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  • Account in Your Dashboard

    Now you can see your account in your dashboard. You can look at your account settings here.
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  • Account Settings

    You can turn on/off your action switches. You can choose your account speed and time. Filters and targets are at the bottom of the page.
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How does Growlee work?

We help you increase your Instagram followers with a dedicated Social Media Account Manager.

  • Set up your account in 2 min

    You can sign up and connect your Instagram account in 2 minutes. You will enter your target hashtags, locations, and accounts. In the meantime, Growlee will find social media account managers for you.

  • Account Managers engage with your target audience

    Your target hashtags could be #travel or #travelphotos, for example, if you are a traveler. The photos with your target hashtags will be liked, and the owners will be followed by your account, which is managed by Growlee SM Account Managers.

  • See the results in a day

    Other people will see a notification saying you liked their photos, then they will visit your account to give you likes and even follow you! If we do this hundreds of times in a day, your account will grow a lot, and you will see the results immediately!

Organic Growth on Instagram

Our SM Account Managers will interact with your target hashtags, locations and accounts every day to grow your account organically.

Try Growlee and decide for yourself!